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The easiest way to start a company in Europe.

The UK allows you to incorporate a limited liability company without any share capital requirement.

Tresholds for audit requirements are high.

We are connected directly to the Companies House through our own software and have incorporated close to 10,000 companies over the last 6 years. Through our software you have your company in just a couple of hours and do all annual filings online.

The UK Limited company is the most popular company in Europe with more than 400,000 incorporations per year.

We introduce you to a full range of multinational commercial banks and investment banks in London - the financial capital of Europe.

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Zero-tax jurisdiction for holding companies.

Cyprus offers by far the best tax benefits for holding companies in the EU/EEA. There is no tax suffered at all on any capital income from sale of shares and dividends. The British may incorporate a company in Cyprus based on the Freedom of Establishment which is part of the EEA agreement.

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Tax-friendly Gateway to Europe.

Malta offers by far the best tax benefits for trading companies in the EU/EEA. Based on huge tax credits the shareholder may claim a refund of up to 6/7 of the corporate tax suffered in Malta. Suitable for online based businesses, import and export trade, consultancies etc...

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