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Sara - Entrepreneur

A few year ago Sara set up a small company within enviromental friendly technology just outside Stockholm in Sweden. The company has developed nicely and Sara has managed to build supstantial equity on her balance sheet. Sara is withdrawing a healthy montly salary and the company is not looking to invest any substantial amounts over the next few years. She is now starting to plan her retirement. The goal is simple: get the most out of her assets at lowest possible tax.

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Ralf and Eva - Sale of business and moving abroad

Ralf recently had an offer on his company. He asked himself how to structure the deal to achieve maximum benefits. He also considers moving abroad, away from the cold winters, and is looking for an evaluation of the possibilitites and consequences for himself and his wife Eva if realising their big dream.

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Lisa - Daughter of a rich business man

Lisa knew little about taxes unitl two years ago when she sudden lost her father. Her father was a wealth business man from London who had been involved as owner and boad member in several industries up until his last day. Luckily for Lisa he was forseen and had been planning ahead by moving all assets to be inherited by Lisa and her sister to be managed in a Cyprus company.

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Sven - Stocktrader

Sven from Germany has always been trading the stock market. After a few good years 5 years ago he learned that the profits he made where taxed a lot higher than anticipated - as the majority of European jurisdictions would tax such profits as corporation tax. Individuals could suffer even higher tax rates. High taxes hit Sven badly and forced him as an investor to a Cyprus company where profits from trading in stocks, options and other securities are tax-free.

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