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If you have part or all of your business activities outside of  your home country, you could benefit from a Malta Company. If you have your own company, registering an operating company in Malta could reduce your tax down to 5%. The net fiscal impact is typically 5%, which is the lowest tax rate in the EU / EEA.   As a shareholder of a Malta company with a residence outside of Malta you can benefit from the maximum tax credit on dividend payments.

When you establish a Malta Limited Liability company you cannot lose more than the  amount invested in that company. The owner or partner is not personally responsible for the debts  and obligations of the company in the event that these are not fulfilled . Verdun Group has registered a high number of Malta Ltd. Companies and has an office dedicated to its clients corporate services on the Island of Malta, which is a member of the EU.

Key benefits of a  Malta Ltd:

  • 5% net after tax tax ! 6 / 7 of the corporate tax is credited to a shareholder outside of Malta
  • Parent-Subsidiary Directive applies, valid throughout the EU / EEA (European Parent / Subsidiary Directive)
  • Profit tax 0%, no tax on the profit shares of the Company
  • Single Audit!
  • Only € 1,200 in equity!
  • Full liability limited!

Malta Ltd. is quick and easy to set up and operate. Formation of a Malta Ltd. Company  requires EUR 1200 in the capital, but only 20% needs to be paid before registration can be completed. A Malta Ltd. Company  from Verdun Group is registered in the EU and is therefore protected by freedom of establishment within the EU / EEA.