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Linda - Distributor

Linda’s company manufactures sports clothes in Asia that are later distributed and sold in Europe. Linda is an entrepreneur who cares for the people involved in the production and she aspires not only to improve living standards for her employees but also to assist the economic development of her region.

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Carl - Webshop

Carl runs an online company that sells readily designed templates for websites and his site has some 10,000 members from around the world. To avoid international tax complications it is important for Carl to be confident that, with no liabilities, he can operate his business from one tax jurisdiction. 

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Björn - IT Consultant

Björn wished to build a business based on his hobby - computers and everything related to IT. So he formed a company and invested in a small office and a powerful computer. His company grew rapidly and to the point where he now has a world-wide customer base. Björn’s decision to enlist the assistance of Verdun has not only dramatically increased his profits but also those of his customers.

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