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Case Study Malta Ltd.

Sportswear Int (Malta) Limited

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Linda's company manufactures sports clothes in Asia that are later distributed and sold in Europe. Linda is an entrepreneur who cares for the people involved in the production and she aspires not only to improve living standards for her employees but also to assist the economic development of her region.

What type of Infrastructure?


With some 10 years experience in the industry, including employment with a market  brand leader. Linda was very much aware of potential problems related to importing goods and the tax implications in the various countries where the clothes would be distributed. Linda is now in a situation where she is considered a "small" enterprise but with the same needs as a large multinational company. As a result of working for a large company for so long one of Linda's requirements is to keep a low profile within the market and her competitors as when she plans the launch of her new brand and clothing lines Linda wishes it to be a surprise to the marketplace.

The questions buzzing though her mind were:

"Who is going to support me?", "What company structure should I choose",  "Who can I ask for guidance?" and  "How do find the right advice?"


The Solution-Verdun Group's European business expertise.

It is important in order for Linda's company to grow and compete globally that the right legal, tax and corporate structure are in place from the beginning. A Verdun Group Malta company structure assists Linda to launch her new brand as a surprise to her competitors but will also simplify her operation and distribution between several different Tax jurisdictions.

Linda is ultimately addressing the problem of anonymity which is  solved by Verdun Group holding the shares in Linda's company for her, thus creating the security she sought,  additional security is provided  by using  Verdun Group as the company  Director and ensuring the "Place of Actual management" is in Malta, resulting in the  company becoming tax resident in Malta.

An International Structure for Success

This structure together with other services provided by Verdun, results in Linda focusing fully to the business and its development not and having to worry about company administration and accounting. Linda has chosen to work with Verdun Group because of our unique skills and experience which help her deal with the challenges for the company now and in the future.

Linda's true entrepreneurial spirit, production in Asia and sales in Europe, the experience of Maltese Business Law as "Place of Actual management" and are awareness of small and medium-sized enterprises needs, Verdun's solution enables the company to move forward within a global marketplace.  

A Successful Partnership

Linda selected Verdun Group because of our:

  • Understanding and empathy of her entrepreneurial spirit
  • Ability to Structure her company  on a global level in an efficient way.
  • Experience in Maltese corporate law with factors such as 'Place of actual management' and our general awareness of the needs of small and medium size enterprises.

"Verdun Group helped me understand what my company could look like over a five year period. Today I have 50 employees, but what happens when I have 500? "

"Verdun Group's consultants helped me to think strategically when it came to things like IT, commercial support and tax issues so that I could correctly budget for the company's future needs."

This has been an ongoing business success for both Linda and the Verdun Group.

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