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Introduction - Malta Ltd

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What is a Malta Ltd?

A Malta Ltd company is regulated by Maltese Company Law, which  is based on British Company Law. Incorporating a Malta Ltd company requires €1,200 in share capital, but only 20% has to be paid on incorporation. Malta Ltd companies from Verdun Group are registered in the EEA/EU and are covered by the freedom of establishment within these countries. Our IT-department has a tailor-made interface with the local authorities enabling all our clients to view the company status online at any time of the day.

Benefits of a Malta Ltd

Malta Ltd Companies are incorporated in a couple of days and are easy to operate. Any EU/EEA resident company or individual can incorporate a Malta Ltd company provided by Verdun Group. The net taxable effect of only 5% in Malta is a result of an agreement between the Maltese Tax-Authorities and the EU alllowing for a tax-credit to the shareholders of upto 6/7 of the 35% paid in corporate tax in Malta.

  • Only 5% net tax suffered after tax-credit! 6/7 of the corporate tax is credited to the shareholder(s)
  • No witholding tax! No tax on dividend payments
  • Parent- Subsidary Directive is valid! Valid all over the EU/EEA area
  • Only €240 to be paid up in share capital! Only 20% of the minimum €1,200 to be paid on incorporation
  • Full limited liability!
  • Affordable audit!
  • Only 5-6% VAT on luxury yachts! Calculated on the expected number of days spent in EU territory
  • Low tonnage tax on ship
  • Most liberal online gaming law in the EU
  • Malta Ltd companies may hold any .eu-domains

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