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UK Ltd.

British limited liability company.

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What is a UK Ltd?

SUF is an abbreviation for Swedish Registered Foreign Company. It is a company whose main registration lies outside Sweden and who then by law is registered as a branch with the Swedish Companies Registration Office and is given a corporate identity number in Sweden and the title "UK Branch". A SUF from the Verdun Group is as a general rule registered in England as a British Limited company. The Verdun Group has registered over 7,000 NUF for Norwegian clients and is the market leader with a third of the NUFs (3/12/2008)

Key advantages of a UK Ltd

  • 0% tax on dividends! No tax on dividends from the company
  • 0% tax on profits! No tax on share profits in the company
  • Avoid personal liability! Limited liability for shareholders
  • No minimum share capital! Avoid tying up SEK 100 000
  • Receive sickness funds from the second day! You can hire yourself
  • Lower taxes! You can withdraw more from dividends and less as a salary
  • Avoid revenue limits at retirement! Save the capital in a limited company

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