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Verdun Group

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Strategy and vision

With roots back to 1999, the hedge fund controlled Verdun Group has grown into a multi-million pound corporation by clearly focusing on the goal of enabling high-quality online company formation software to anyone with an internet connection based anywhere in the world. Verdun’s premium services provide low cost connectivity to public registrars in several reputable jurisdictions. Verdun’s software also offers a robust set of features, including online filing of annual return, annual accounts, change of particulars, change of directors and company secretary, change of shareholders etc. Upcoming product innovations include expansion into Germany, France, Italy, Spain and Poland. As one of the fastest growing companies within online company formation, Verdun already has thousands of members in several EU/EEA countries and territories. Verdun is currently adding a high double digit figure of companies a day and has created a thriving ecosystem of products, services, developers, and affiliates. Verdun is considered the market leader in virtually all European countries in which the company does business.

"Our vision for Verdun has always been to build Europe’s largest online company formation and service provider and revolutionize the ease with which business people can communicate through the internet".

Verdun Group

Verdun Group has a suite of well-known and successful brands covering a global client base. Our corporate products cater to a wide spectrum of clients from the sole trader to the multi-national corporation.

Verdun Legal Services

Verdun Legal Services is corporate boutique based in the heart of central London, just a stone throw away from Buckingham Palace. The London office is the group’s center for international transactions and our major hub for coordinating our international activities.

Verdun Corporate Services

Verdun Corporate Services is represented by our commercial centres in Malta and Cyprus, the two hearts of the Mediteranean region, looking after the group’s activities in Southern Europe and MEA. Verdun Corporate Services is our full service brand assisting our clients with all corporate matters from incorporations to invoicing services, througout the whole process.

Verdun Technologies

Verdun Technologies is our tailor-made online corporation engine having helped thousands of people around the world to incorporate their Pan European Companies within the EU/EEA.

Aston Group of Companies

Aston Group of companies is our group of companies actually delivering the services to our clients in all our jurisdiction.

Our clients

The majority of our clients are based in Europe and are primarily international businesses or sole traders.

Verduns history

1999 Scanvest was founded as a high-end adviser on international corporate structures. Scanvest partnered with OCRA and TMF and provided company registrations in more than 70 jurisdictions world wide.

2005 A sister company was founded as a low-end online provider of UK companies with no share capital requirement and branches in other EU /EEA member states.

2005 Verdun Group was founded by a merger of three companies and immediately acquired the client portfolio of Scanvest.

2008 Verdun Group acquired the largest Scandinavian provider of company formation services within the EU and became Europe's fastest growing player within the industry.

International companies

Verdun Group has extensive experience advising clients internationally, and we have been involved in transactions in virtually every corner of the world. From our main office in the heart of London, and through our national offices worldwide elsewhere, we offer a range of services to both corporations and individuals.

Verdun is primarily a corporate boutique providing full service solutions for onshore and offshore companies, trusts and foundations – we provide advanced management and administrative services with care and confidentiality.

Our staff speaks English, Maltese, German, Italian and all Scandinavian languages. Our customers have access to the expertise of our professional staff, wherever they are based. In addition Verdun is one of a few providers of legal and corporate services, focusing extensively on developing new technical solutions through a major in-house IT department. Our customers have access to state-of-the-art web interfaces allowing easy and safe communication and storage of corporate data from anywhere in the world.

Sole traders

Verdun Technology has helped more than 9,000 sole traders within Europe to incorporate a more sound corporate structure by converting thousands of Sole Trading companies to limited companies without capitalisation requirement, offering a combination of lower tax rate, reduced personal liability and increased social security. All at the price of a Sole Trading company.